Quick Overview:

VEGAS Batteries specially designed for heavy duty and demanding applications. Offer high value for money.

VEGAS batteries are assembled with tubular positive and negative plate’s mode of special alloy. They are provided with transparent sealed float indicators micro porous Aqua trap vent plugs, which allow generated gases to escapes and taps water particles, returning the major portion to the electrolyte. This reduces the frequency of topping up. With extra electrolyte head and proper voltage control, the frequency of topping up will be 4 months in a year.

  • C 20 Hour Rating
  • Electrical performances confirm to IS
  • Corrosion resistant special alloy for spines &
  • High puncture resistant PE Separators to prevent internal shorting
  • Rugged polypropylene heat sealed and vibration resistant casing
  • Reduced top up frequency
  • Long Back up and Long Life
  • Withstand frequent power cuts with low maintenance
  • Higher number of deep discharge cycles
  • Extra strong gauntlets for high performance

VEGAS batteries are Extra heavy duty tubular plates as per exclusive VEGAS design ensuring durability, resistance to corrosion and inbuilt margins for high ambient temperatures and vibrations.